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From the air structures first used to cover military radar antennas, ASATI's engineers and manufacturing personnel have pioneered the commercial use of air-supported structures for both industrial and recreational applications.  We are proud to call ourselves the pioneers of the air supported structures industry.

In 1963, Mr. Dan Fraioli, ASATI's CEO, designed and erected the first air-supported structure over a tennis court, spawning the recognition of the versatility of air-supported structures for the entire sporting and recreation industry.  Five years later, ASATI introduced the first cable safety net system, covering a track and field facility at Harvard University.

Since its history began, ASATI has patented, designed, engineered and built more than 5000 air supported structures.  ASATI has received awards for many projects, including special citations from Fabric Structures Association, American Institute of Architects and The American Association of School Administrators.


  • 1964

    Received special citation awards for engineering, manufacturing, and erecting facilities for New York World’s Fair:
    • New Jersey Pavilion
    • Dancing Water Pavilion
    • Disney Small World Pavilion

  • 1968

    Introduction of the patented “Bias Safety Cable Net System” at Harvard University, providing maximum safety factor protection against extreme high winds and heavy snow loads.

  • 1969

    Erected the largest Cable Supported Tension Fabric Structure, covering 132,000 sq. ft. for the Walsh Grove Construction Company in Montana.

  • 1970

    U.S. Government needed an emergency facility to cover a crashed Grumman F14 immediately due to impending 20” snowfall the following day. ASATI crew spread and erected a 24,000 sq. ft. dome within 20 hours New Year's morning prior to snowstorm.

  • 1972

    Engineered and erected the largest fabric tension structure for housing four 747 Boeing airplanes at both LAX and San Francisco airports.

  • 1973

    Alaskan Pipeline required 42 air supported structures designed to withstand -67 degrees F, 125 mph winds, and 50 lb. snow loads -- all engineered and erected by ASATI.

  • 1974

    Minnesota Vikings adopt the first NFL air structure practice facility, engineered and erected by ASATI.

  • 1978

    First air structure ever approved in California for high occupancy use was erected at three locations for LAX airport international arrivals.

  • 1982

    Multi-Sports Cable Dome spanning 350 feet wide was engineered and manufactured for Texas Tech University Football Facility.

  • 1983

    Rutgers University adopts the use of ASATI football cable dome, enclosing entire field and indoor track measuring 230’ x 430’ x 80’.

  • 1984

    Seattle Seahawks practice facility is engineered and erected.

  • 1986

    Philadelphia Eagles practice facility is engineered and erected.

  • 1990

    Chicago Bears practice facility is engineered and erected.

  • 1992

    Largest indoor golf dome is erected for Golden Bear Golf Centers prior to installing the first golf domes in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey.

    Installation of the first Family Entertainment Dome in Staten Island, New York. The dome encloses batting cages, golf ranges, roller blade arena, climbing wall, children’s soft play area, and several party rooms.

  • 1993

    New York City School Construction Authority appointed ASATI sole supplier of air supported school structures due to the maximum of safety factors available only through the use of ASATI’s patented bias cable net system.

  • 1994

    New York Giants practice facility is engineered and erected.

    Denver Broncos practice facility is engineered and erected.

  • 1995

    Environmental Cable Dome is engineered and erected for Hoechst Celanese Corporation. This structure was the largest at the time, spanning 350’ x 600’ x 90’ and engineered for 120 mph winds.

    ASATI engineered portable Educational & Entertainment Cable Dome facilities for Disney/Sportslab Inc., providing one of kind unique features that allow rapid dismantle and re-erection across various cities in the United States.

  • 1996

    Three structures for the 100th Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia are engineered, manufactured, and erected -- one for the Olympic Swimming Training Facility and the two joining structures for the GM Exhibition Pavilion.

  • 1997

    New York Jets practice facility is engineered and erected.

  • 2002

    A turnkey traveling MSN Training Center is engineered and erected for Bill Gates. This facility was relocated across the United States for introduction of the new MSN program to the general public.

  • 2003

    Jack Cust Baseball dome, which measured 360’ x 360’ x 110’, is erected and was the largest air structure sports dome in the world.

  • 2004

    ASATI is awarded sole supplier for the first cable net dome ever erected in the Siberia region of Russia. This facility was designed to meet the extreme design criteria set by the worlds largest gas supply company Gazprom, withstanding wind loads of 140 mph and snow loads over 50 lbs.

  • 2005

    The ASATI Bias Cable Net Dome replaces a failed radial designed structure due to excess wind loads. The ASATI dome enclosed and protected 2.6 acres for the new Mad Cow Disease Center in Iowa. The failed radial design proved once again that ASATI’s Patented system was the primary solution for the harsh winter weather.

  • 2006

    Miami Dolphins practice facility is erected, and with the first “Category 4” hurricane resistant structure ever erected. ASATI was awarded the ABC award for the project.

  • 2007

    ASATI is awarded the Air Structure industry’s largest single contract to build 74 ASATI Bias Cable Net Sports Domes for the Russian Federation for Multi-Sports and Ice Hockey. In order to meet contractual commitments, all of these buildings were manufactured within a one-year period.

  • 2008

    Aquatic Center and Training Facility is engineered and erected for one of the largest Air Force bases in America, Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

    Cozmo Entertainment in Kuwait erects a dome over their premier entertainment facility, with bowling, mini golf, billiards, soccer, and arcades.

    Turning Stone Casino encloses four tennis courts at their Sportsplex in Verona, New York.

  • 2009

    Virginia Commonwealth University tennis and recreation facility erects indoor tennis dome.

  • 2011

    Washington Redskins erect largest NFL practice facility ever, measuring 230’ x 420’ x 96’.

    ASATI engineers and manufactures Multi-Sport air structure for Hofstra University Recreation Center.

  • 2012

    Intrepid Air and Space Museum announces the opening of the Space Shuttle Pavilion enclosing the Enterprise Space Shuttle within a highly engineered ASATI air structure. Within the Pavilion, space shuttle Enterprise sits just 10 feet off the ground. This allows visitors to walk directly underneath this historic artifact, while an elevated viewing platform allows guests to gain even greater perspective within the dome.

    International School of Beijing erects two 50,000 sq. ft. ASATI multi-sports and tennis domes.

  • 2013

    Franklin Pierce University erects brand new 72,000 sq. ft. Field House.

  • 2014

    Global Blue Technologies erects four structures for producing bio-secure high-quality pathogen-free organic shrimp under 397,936 square feet of structures.

  • 2015

    Sports KingDome -- the largest ground mounted structure of its kind built to date, and a first of its kind baseball/multi-sports facility.

  • 2016

    ASATI is hired to develop an R&D facility for GPS controlled Caterpillar products. This facility was specially designed with a ventilation system that would maintain safe air quality conditions as the machines were being operated within the enclosure.

  • 2017

    ASATI designed and installed a first of its kind Snow Melting System for Utica College's 135,000 sq. ft. Sports and Recreation Center.

  • 2018

    ASATI designed and installed the 91,200 sq. ft. Florham Park Sports Dome & Event Center which has a 135' wide x 30' tall direct clubhouse attachment.

  • 2019

    ASATI is hired to construct an 86,400 sq. ft. Multi-Sports Dome to be part of APEX Sports & Events Center's 30-million-dollar athletic complex.